About Us

Summer Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After suffering the loss of many damaged and discolored swimsuits (and the money spent on them), the founders were determined to find a solution to the negative effects of chlorine on their swimwear. Their ideas were realized following the successful launch of Suit SolutionsTM, which quickly became a favorite of many, and remains our most popular product to this day. After its successful release, customer feedback led to the introductions of One Step Shampoo and Soap+. As we continued to listen, Swimmer's Own was developed and has since become a product staple. Following the release of Moisture Therapy, Sand & Surf, Summer Solutions continues to search for ways to improve your swimming experience. This vision sets us apart as the leader in personal care for swimmers.

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Our Mission

Summer Solutions, Inc. manufactures and distributes quality products to help competitive and recreational swimmers combat the negative effects of chlorine on swimwear and the body. We will provide retailers with convenient and flexible ordering and payment terms, along with quality products that will improve overall customer satisfaction.

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